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Perfect Parties is here to entertain all your child's friends so you can enjoy the birthday party!

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Complete any package with professional photos of:               * the cake/blowing out the candles                                         * opening presents                                                                   * group photos

$85 - one high quality CD with approximately 30 images.

$40 - online gallery with approximately 30 images.  Print packages available. 



How to choose a theme? 

 When choosing a theme, first consider the personality and interests of the birthday child.  When choosing if that theme is age appropriate, consider the ages of the attending guests.  If your child is turning 2, but all of her friends/cousins are ages 3-7, choose a theme/activites that will entertain the average age.  Jennifer will always be sure to focus on the birthday child!

The discount is only available on Saturday November 24, 2012.

Visit the Custom Invitation page and enter the code: SBS2012 when you check out!

All parties include:

* 1 - 1.5 hours of entertainment  (costumed entertainer, suited to the theme, available)

* Facepainting, Tattoos, Stickers or Nail Polish/Glitter Application

* Games or a Craft



Why choose a professional party entertainer?

* You can participate and enjoy your child's birthday rather than run around and organizing.

* You can "entertain" the adults.

* Your less likely to forget about the goody bags or to check the batteries in the camera, because you will have and hour or so to be able to focus.

* You can have a special theme party for less than doing it yourself!  The following are examples of "do-it-yourself costs:

* rent a costume - $85-150

* Facepaint, tattoos or nail polish - $8-25

* Decorations: $30+

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